School Ventures is an End to end consultancy services provider

School Ventures is an End to end consultancy services provider

One stop solution for all PRESCHOOL | K-12 | COLLEGE | INSTITUTION

School Ventures with its 15 years of relevant industry experience and know-how are the most preferred educational consultancy to undertake a detailed project report for school projects. School Ventures has successfully undertaken over 60 school feasibility studies since 2006 that cover 10 states in India.


  • Turn – Key Schools Projects – Preschool, CBSE, ICSE, IB & IGCSE
  • Preparing project feasibility reports, Return on investment
  • Facility improvement, School Permission/Affiliation, Branding & Marketing
  • Recruitment, Training, Vendor management, Curriculum, Quality Audit
  • Hassle free Leasing, Buying & Selling Of School Properties

We provide handheld support for Leasing, Selling and Buying of properties. The following process is followed to provide maximum support to the client:

* Professional guidance and industry expert due diligence for arriving at the proper valuation of the education property

* Introduce The Prospective Buyers With Educational institution Owners/ Sellers

* Arrange The Educational institution Visit For The Inspection By The Buyers

* Arrange A Face To Face Educational institution Sale Deal Negotiations Between The Seller And Buyer.

* Help Both Parties In Drafting & Signing The Business Transfer Agreement.

* Help Both The Parties In Smooth Transition Of Ownership.

* WhatsApp & Facebook Campaign

* Project feasibility report to help the buyer to choose the right property

* Return on investment for calculation of cost benefit analysis and to understand the break even point.

Project Feasibility Report

A Feasibility study is conducted before setting up any school project. This study helps the promoter to scrutinize the practicality of school projects in the identified location. It comprises an on-site survey, market research, competitors survey, population analysis in the catchment area, and detailed ROI for 5-10 years. School Ventures helps Promoters & Corporates understand the viability of the project before they begin their investment. Such a Scientific study will increase the probability of the success of the project.

The Report Includes The Following Parameters:

  • Competitors Survey
  • Catchment Area Analysis
  • Gap Analysis
  • Project Recommendations
  • Detailed Financials And Project Economics

Return On Investment (ROI)

ROI directly measures the amount of return on investment, relative to the investment’s cost. This gauge of profitability is important to take informed decisions about the school project, change tactics and strategies to improve profitability and understand the project breakeven point.

Academic Audit:

An academic Audit assesses the academic performance of the school faculty. By conducting the academic audit the strengths and the weakness of the system can be understood. Industry experts’ review of the academics will help to put in place a system through which the teachers and management will understand how to organize their work using the resources available to them to provide quality education in the best interest of the students.

Leasing, Buying & Selling Of School Properties

School ventures helps in Hassle free Leasing, Buying and Selling of Schools Properties. We provide professional guidelines and industry expert due-diligence for proper valuation of the school property & assets. School Ventures connects the buyers and sellers of school properties though its dedicated School Real Estate Portal (, which presents a variety of options to the buyer according to their budget and location preferences. We follow a transparent procedure to make the process reliable and ensure a win-win deal for both the parties.

The Leasing, Selling & Buying Process Includes The Following Steps:

  • School Ventures Will Introduce The Prospective Buyers With School Owners/ Sellers
  • School Ventures Will Arrange The School Visit For The Inspection By The Buyers
  • School Ventures Will Arrange A Face To Face School Sale Deal Negotiations Between The Seller And Buyer.
  • School Ventures Will Help Both The Parties In Drafting & Signing The Business Transfer Agreement.
  • School Ventures Helps Both The Parties In Smooth Transition Of The Ownership.

School Improvement Approach

School Ventures conduct SWOT analysis to find the major gaps in the existing school system. This activity will throw more light on the current system and helps us to pinpoint the troubled area and work towards bridging the gap to take the school to next level positively. There are schools which are lacking with respect to their brand positioning, failure to increase the capacity and desire to improve the infrastructure and Teachers training standard of the school.

The requirements maybe different but School Ventures will handhold the school management to achieve the desired goals and objectives. School Ventures is a dedicated school consultancy service provider for revamping, restructuring & rebranding of existing schools.

The Service Includes The Following Parameters:

  • SWOT Analysis To Find The Major Root Cause For The Existing Issues
  • Suggest The Appropriate Solutions To Fix The Issues
  • Strategies & Implementation Plans ToDevelope The School
  • Market / Competitor Survey Report To Uplift The Schools Revenue
  • Generate Productive Leads Through ATL & BTL Activities
  • Operational Manual
  • School Audit And Quality Control
  • Implementations Of Standard Operating Procedures(SOP)
  • Curriculum Improvement & Monitor Implementation
  • Parent Satisfactory Survey Report

CBSE / ICSE/ IB/ IGCSE Affiliation

School Ventures ensures to achieve all the steps and procedures involved to get the affiliation from the respective board. School ventures helps in Preparation of legal documents through experienced legal advisory board, Verification and submission of the documents to respective Departments /Boards, Preparing for Inspection ,Coordinating with inspection committee , Regular follow up with CBSE regarding the application status and Hassel free assistance & guidance in obtaining respective affiliations

The Service Includes The Following Parameters:

  • Preparation Of Legal Documents Through Experienced Legal Advisory Board
  • Verification And SumbissionOf The Documents To Respective Departments / Boards
  • Hassel Free Assistance &GuidenceIn Obtaining Respective Affiliations

Branding And Marketing

Branding helps in creating identities for existing and new schools. Your school Brand is how you are identified and remembered. The school Branding should reflect the values and ideologies of the school. Proper and effective Branding and Marketing will ensure that the parents are able to connect with the school resulting in admission of their wards.

School Ventures Provides A Comprehensive Branding And Marketing Solution For Your School Which Involves:

  • Logo And Tagline Development
  • Website Development
  • Marketing Collaterals
  • Facebook, LinkedIn Page Maintenance
  • YouTube Page
  • 3D Walk Through Videos
  • Product And Services Videos
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Google Ads

Staff Recruitment

School Ventures has Collaborations with major recruitment firms and teacher training institutes to provide trained and quality manpower which fulfils the requirements of the respective institution. We possess a huge Database of Experienced and Qualified Educators We shortlist experienced educators according to specific school requirements and budget k-12 school setup

The Service Includes The Following Parameters:

  • Collaborations With Major Recruitment Firms And Teacher Training Institutes
  • Huge Database Of Experience And Qualified Educators
  • Shortlist Experienced Educators According To Specific School Requirements And Budget

Training And Development

School Ventures conducts Teacher Enrichment Programs / Train the trainer program through eminent and well know educationists. We also conduct Admin &non teaching staff training program to enhance the smooth day to day operations. With our cumulative years of experience we understand the needs and expectation of the parents thereby admission counsellor training is structured to bring in maximum admissions to increase the revenue of the school.

The Service Includes The Following Parameters:

  • Teacher Enrichment Programs / Train The Trainer Program
  • Admin &Non Teaching Staff Training Program To Enhance The Smooth Day To Day Operations
  • Counsellor Training And Business Development Programs To Increase Number Of Admissions
  • Parent Orientation Programs
  • School Orientation Program
  • Sales & Marketing Training
  • Curriculum Training

Vendor Management

School Ventures actively works with various reliable preferred vendors from different walks of life. This exercise ensures durable, timely and quality supply of school needs at reasonable price. Vendor management includes activities such as selecting the right vendors, negotiating contracts, controlling costs, reducing vendor-related risks and ensuring smooth service delivery.

Vendor Management Benefits:

  • Improve Vendor Selection
  • Harness Cost Saving
  • Speed Up Vendor Onboarding
  • Reduce The Risk Of Supply Chain Disruption

Contact details:

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